Monday, February 27, 2012

Menu Plan {February 27th-March 3rd}

Sorry we took a week off and I never told you! Bad Momma blogger. (Slaps Hand!) Anyway the kids were off school last week and they chose what we ate every night. It wasn't bad either!

Monday - Bacon Spaghetti (or Pasta) Recipe from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Tuesday - Breakfast for supper...Bacon, Eggs, Toast and fruit.

Wednesday - Caesar Salad

Thursday - Marinated Steak and Mushroomsw/ slow cooker baked potatoes

Friday - Saucy baked fish [new recipe] w/lime cilantro rice

Saturday - Crockpot BBQ'd Chicken [new recipe]

Sunday - Spaghetti & Meat Sauce

Well back at it this week! Have a great one!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Menu Plan {February 12th-18th}

Well last week was a tiring less stressful one.  Now I think I am fighting a cold.  Then we need to head to the BIG CITY on Valentines Day so we will make it a special day since we will be at the Children's Hospital for the girl Punk!  We have Olive Garden on our list! Then we have a long weekend called Family Day next Monday....BONUS! 

Monday - Kids have left overs from Wok Box (For the life of me I can't remember what I ate - Funeral Day that is my excuse)
Tuesday - Fishhhhhhh! - We had KD & Turkey Dogs and veggies
Wednesday - Soup and sandwiches (Maybe??? Subway instead???) - Subway won!
Thursday - Southwest Spaghetti Squash - Delicious Kids meh!  Will have to mess with it a bit more!!!
Friday - Fish & fries Boy Punk had a friend sleep over so it was Wendy's after Soccer...No complaints
Saturday - Pasta with Kale, Lemon & Parmesan W/ Chicken Subway again :-)
Sunday - Olive Garden Chicken &Gnocchi Soup & Homemade buns - Pasta with Kale, Lemon & Parmesan W/ Chicken - Yummy yum yummmmmmmm

So here is our new week...

Monday -Leftovers
Tuesday - Big City DAY! Happy Valentines

Wednesday - Breakfast  for Supper (Eggs, Bacon & Toast)
Thursday - Taco Night
Friday - Fish & Chips (on of these weeks we will get to eat fish!)
Saturday - Company - Supper out!

Sunday - Turkey Stuffed Peppers
Monday - Sausage & potato (or Perogies)

This will more likely change on the weekend as our friends from Saskanasquatch will be visiting and they have family here to visit too.  So its so good that we can be flexible!!!

Off to bed!  Night all!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Menu Plan {February 6th - February 12th}

Well another weekend has passed and it time to make another plan.  Well after the week we had and 2 deaths the plan was being flexed for sure. We will be not having a meal plan for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday because Dad is away and that is how we roll when Dad is away!  Hehe!  It will help me have some time with the kids eating what they want every night! oh and did anyone notice I screwed up on the dates for last week.  I am glad last week is over thank heavens!!!!

Monday - Pizza Casserole - So good I posted the recipe for you all. Tuesday - Chicken Helper Mix dressed up my way! LOL! - We used a Velveta Casserole and it was yummy!
Wednesday - Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Ended up being left over night.
Thursday -Oven Baked Stuffed Chicken  Fresh Sausage and fries (a hit)
Friday - Date Night - Kids get to choose SUPPER! - they had pogo dogs and veggies.  I had Chicken Peanut Curry from a local Thai restaurant gahhhhh yum!
Saturday -Cheeseburger Pizza - 3 out of 4 loved it and that 1 is a pick bum!
Sunday - Burgers - Ended up at Tony Roma's for our Anniversary

Monday - Kids have left overs from Wok Box
Tuesday -Fishhhhhhh!
Wednesday - Soup and sandwiches (Maybe???  Subway instead???)

Thursday - Southwest Spaghetti Squash

Friday - Fish & fries

Saturday - Pasta with Kale, Lemon & Parmesan W/ Chicken
Sunday - Olive Garden Chicken & Gnocchi Soup & Homemade buns

Have a great night & week. I will be posting a new recipe this week too.