Saturday, April 30, 2011

Michael's Picture Perfect Contest

I have entered a picture of myself and my mom and daughter from last Mothers day. It was the first time my Mom had seem my daughter dance on was a great day I cherish everyday! Soooo if you could take some time out of every day for the net week, and vote for our picture and a chance for us to win....

Thanks so much!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Homemakers Challenge.....are you in???

I found this challenge last night on face book from a fellow scrapper....then a few other FB friends posted.  So I went and found out about an E-book by Sarah Mae called 31 Days to Clean - Having a Martha House the Mary Way
31 Days to Clean - Having a Martha House the Mary Way
I got in on her offer to get the e-book free yesterday and I cannot wait to receive it...if not I think $4.99 is super reasonable anyway! So are you in with me?????  Come on it will be fun to support each other....leave me a comment if you are on board and a link to your blog so I can follow your journey too.  (And maybe just maybe I will get caught up and be able to start on all these great project I have lined up!)

Homemakers Challenge

The latest Homemakers Challenge can be found here.

What is the Homemaker’s Challenge?

Homemaker’s Challenge is a weekly link-up blog hop that puts emphasis on having fun and sharing ideas. It features a showcase of women who have stepped up for the challenge and embraced the art of making a home. The additional challenge is crafting it into a blog post.
Where did the idea for Homemaker’s Challenge come from?

The original idea was Amy Bayliss‘. She has since turned it over to me and given me full authority over it. My reason for taking it?

Because I need the motivation to do hard things and so often I find homemaking hard. This is my opportunity to invite a community of women together and just have fun doing life. Homemaking is a sacred calling, but it doesn’t have to be mundane.
How does it work?

Each Friday I will post a new challenge for you (us) to complete. It will be something to do with being a homemaker. If you choose to accept the challenge, you will have one week to complete it and create a blog post conveying your response to the challenge. The link-up will be on my response to the challenge the following Thursday. You have until that day to do the challenge, write your post, and link it to my post. I will be posting my response to the challenges each Thursday.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

The boy is 7 tomorrow!

I can't believe the boy is 7 tomorrow...where has the time gone???? Seriously....We are almost finished grade one man time sure fly's (and I hope we are having fun).

Such a little man you have become.  I would so do anything for you and your birthdays.  (And I have)
 2005 (sad attempt at a cake!)
 2006 Paid for cake that got us $100 grocery credit!
 2006 replacement for sad 1st cake!
 2nd 2006 Cake for another party (long story behind this one)
 2007 Yep much better at making cakes!
 2008 - Cupcakes for school
 2008 Cupcakes joint party with his sister nothing exciting because we had a death in the family and were leaving town the next am!
 2009 Super long cake over 2' long (maybe longer can't remember!)
2010 - Cupcakes simple and easy! (Plus the boy does not eat cake only cupcakes - yes I know they are the same!)

Last year was the first year that I started making the kids invites too! I would show you the boys but apparently the computers/network ate his and the girls is found here.

The boys big party is tomorrow with all his friends.  The theme is LEGO.  Yah big surprise? NOT!!!  LOL.  Her is his invite...

The kit I used for Ty's was Imagination Creation that I won in a contest.  It can be bought here at ScrapMatters Store
The lego guys were made here.
I can't wait for tomorrow the boy has gotten me so excited....but 7 really...he can't be yet!


Monday, April 11, 2011

So Easter Help

Yes I am still alive and getting back into things....Lots has happened that has kept me from here.  We are just hitting kids birthdays so that it tying up the few spare minutes I had!

I am here to share a blog post from Kidzui a great site for kids.  I am one of 'those' parents that really do not but my kids junk.  Especially at holidays.  Easter is on of those holidays that I have such a hard time handling.  So here is some help for me and I am going to share with you. Healthier alternatives for easter baskets.

Let me know what you do for your kids for Easter.....