Monday, September 6, 2010

Tomorrow is going to be a long day....

Cause tomorrow is gonna be a long weird day!!! Here is what is gonna happen....

1. My baby girl starts kindergarten tomorrow
2. My baby boy (don't tell him I called him that) is gonna take the school bus all by himself
3. Both kids are taking the bus home together
4. I have to make sure I am not late to the bus stops either time!
5. Throw in a slight nervous breakdown

That should round out my day right????


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Surpise Delivery

Today I had a surprise knock ( well they rang the bell but it doesn't have the same ring - ha get it ring!!! yah I am tired!) Any way back to the door.....Our dog was having a play date (not really but it sounded better than dog sitting!) and her and her friend well they went ape on the door and the Purolator guy asked if I would be OK. I said yes as I looked down to see our fury guest sticking his head thru my legs! I am sure I looked like a piece of work! LOL! Anyway! I get this large box not sure what the heck it was didn't recognize the return address or name but it had all my pertinent info on it. WEIRD!

I open the box and much to my surprise it was a prize I won from a fellow local blogger girl! Jackie @ Educating Jackie. Here is the link to the contest post! This came at a perfect time since in 42ish days I have dropped 11 lbs...that is almost 2 pant sizes and one complete shirt size (yah you can tell where I need to lose right?) Oh and I finally took my wedding set in to get re-sized (cause this last bit of weight drop) I am 2 ring sizes smaller!

Anyway I never thought I would get a box let alone more than what the contest said I would get. I got the drinks plus 4 packages of their cookies/cupcakes, a breakfast, a soup, a shake and this bagel snack thing (unfortunately it was open in the box tho!)

I cannot wait to try these out an give a full report on these and more details on the company and the company that Jackie got to offer the contest thru!

Any way thanks to Jackie, Mom's Central and underWAY


Back to school!

I haven't been around on either of my blogs but I am promising I will be back once I get all my kidlets back in classes! I have had my dd's BFF with us every morning and well yesterday it was super insane here! I was in bed by 9:30! Freezing my butt off - weather has not been very favorable here in the Canadian Desert!!!

Snapware + Built

So I have to toot this product up! I am so bummed that I couldn't find it any where with a better picture and if I would have known I would have kept the boxes and such to share! While on our vacation all over BC, Washington, Idaho and Montana we came across this pack at a Costco (where you may ask? Yah not sure but if someone would like to know I will try and find out receipt!) Since both kids needed new lunch kits anyway and the bonus with these the bags are washable and the plastic containers are awesome and easy for the kids to open! Just wish they had some cool juice containers! Oh well! My daughter drinks alot of water so she just uses these bottles by Contigo!  Never mind DD uses them so does the rest of the family!

Contigo BPA-Free Kids Autoseal Mugs, Set of 2, Girls Colors

Contigo 3 Pack of BPA Free Hydration Bottles AutoSeal Technology (Aqua, Raspberry & Lime)
and coffee/tea mugs are AMAZING!  They stay hot for 5+ hours!  CRAZINESS!
Contigo 21234 Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler, Silver
All these we have gotten from our local Costco at different times of the year!  Amazing products! 

See you all later and I am looking for suggestions for word art! Leave them in the comments section!