Monday, September 5, 2011

Facebook & friends

Facebook is a great thing for the most part. Keeps you in touch with friends near and far. Its great for following my scrapbooking, couponing & crafting sites/groups. So here is a question for you all....are you a facebook friend junky? Got to have as many friends as you can? Not me...I regularly clean out my list and am completely snobbish in who I have as friends now. I have many reasons for it. #1 I have kids. #2 I don't need everyone and their dogs knowing my life. I may have known you 100 yrs ago but there was a reason we aren't friends anymore!

I have made some great friends living in my little city. I have also made some friends who I thought would be great friends till they have turned on me. This has really bothered me for a while now. It is basically one person that was in my life (and many of my friends lives) that used us up for all we had and all our friends then snubbing, ignoring and pretending they are bigger and better than everyone else! Why are people like this? Why would you treat people like this? We all have feelings....don't become a friend very close and use me for I have to offer than snub me like I have the plague. You are no better or worse than me I feel we are all the same. I may not believe in what you believe and you may not believe in what I believe but can't we just all get along. We are not 13 and high school anymore are we? I thought we were all grown adults? No we aren't? Really? Wow!

Oh well I guess it takes all kinds to make the work go around and I am at peace with the person I am and I will accept everyone for all their flaws and misgivings cause we are not all perfect but we all need our friends in our lives!

To my friends near, far and online.....Thank you for all coming into my life and helping me be who I am today. I hope I have helped you all in some way little or big! I love and appreciate you all!!!

Now back to our regularly scheduled life.....Thank you!


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