Sunday, August 8, 2010


My godson just celebrated his 2nd birthday and I had such a cute picture from visiting him last weekend that I could not make something with it!!!

After a little photo shop help I think it turned out pretty darn sweet....who doesn't love a red head!!!!
Now if I could remember what actions I used that would probably help you alot more!  LOL!  It may have been Pioneer Woman's Fresh and Colorful or Lovely and Ethereal.  I do know I did a quick edge burn at the end tho!
This is the final picture......pretty darn cute!

Because I have an OCD with Brag book pages and had to make him one....
Then Mom wanted it as a thank you card so here it is....
This page was a freebie from Chelle's Creations Birthday party!  From one of her team named Tanya  Thanks so much ladies for the great week of birthday goodies!


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