Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do you do Challenges? have on and off last year. Well I only did one last year. It was a Brag Book Challenge with Sara Ellis. She has retired for the time due to an illness. I will burst when she comes back! Love her work!

Anyway my scrapbooking resolution was to join more. It took a while and well to be honest one kinda just felling into my lap. I got a Facebook message and thought what the heck! Well now I am actively doing 2 challenges.

First challenge that I found....searched like a mad woman and this is the one that seemed to fit pretty good. It is thru Gotta Pixel and Week 4 Challenge can be found here. What I think I like about it is that they give you a template and let you freely have fun. It is great to see what everyone comes up with. Then if you get your layout up by a certain date they enter you into a draw!

Here are my first 4 weeks....
Above layout - Kit by Connie Prince - Mmm...Milk & Cookie
The 2 payer layout - Sara Ellis - Ouchies XX & XY kits
Camera Layout - Princess of Pop - Stacey's Scraps
This layout - We've Got Game Kit - Connie Prince(Been waiting a long time to use this kit!
So far so good altho I was late for week 1 & 2 (Week 2 layout should explain it all!) I am right on track!  I think so anyway.  Hoping that this snow stops here soooooon!  GAHHHHHH!  Anyone want some?  I am willing to ship!

Now on to the 2nd Challenge I joined!  I received a message thru Facebook and thought what the heck!  It is Vicki from a Work in Progress.  I have been following her blog pretty much for as long as I have been scrapping.  Her challenges have a few rules but easy ones too.  (If I would ready and comprehend!  LOL!).  Anyway here is the page with the info for you to join the group.  Here is the page for the actual challenge rules.  So I did 2 layouts....1. cause I could and 2. cause that was the limit!  
 This kit is called Grams & Gramp's by Stacey's Scraps
This kit is by Vicki - AWP- Jack Frost

I am loving all the feed back it helps so much...especially after my crap week.  Hope this coming week is much better seeing that we have a PD day tomorrow (Monday!) I foresee a jammie day with the kids!
Take care and stay warm my snowy Canadian friends and those of you who don't know what snow is I am taking orders and will send you some!



  1. hi there Diana...
    You are such a sweetheart! My Valley Fever is much better, but I'm definitely still taking a design hiatus. I'm having tons of fun sharing fabulous bargains and cool finds on Twitter, my blog, and my new Plaid Punch fan page right now.

    I love your layouts you showed here, especially the Grams one.

  2. Thanks for reading Sara! I am glad you are getting better! I just popped in to look at Plaid Punch quick today will look more during the week! Love the bargains...would love to live in the USA for all the great deals and cheap groceries!!!