Monday, October 1, 2012

Meal Plan {Oct 1 - Oct 7}

Monday – Easy Cheesy Chicken & Veggie Gnocchi Bake ( new recipe) & Salad
Tuesday – Leftovers from Sunday and Monday
Wednesday –Meatloaf ( & noodles with veggies and dip
Thursday – Taco's Wendy's Friday –Free Day (Again - see a pattern??? ;-) )Perogies just me and the girl Saturday –Crispy Chicken Burgers with fresh cut fries Houstons Pizza....girl and I spent the afternoon at the spa
Sunday – Steak BBQ'dCrispy Chicken Burgers and baked Potatoes.

This week is pretty boring....
Monday – Hamburger Helper (USA) - Chicken Enchilada plus my additions of veggies
Tuesday – Slowcooker Meat balls with rice and left over potatoes
Wednesday – Taco's
Thursday – Subway we have an hour between dance and soccer....healthy but yummy!
Friday -  Fish and fries
Saturday – Homemade pizza all the way down to the crust.....yummy! (Family picture day)
Sunday – Thanksgiving suppppppper....yum!

This my first week being back at home so hope I can get a few menu's done up for us now that we have our soccer schedule.

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