Sunday, February 23, 2014

Meal Plan {{February 24th - March 2nd}}

Well after our week off we are back to the grind. I am back to my Pilates classes after 2 weeks off I am sure I am going to have my ass handed to me! Yippy!

So what recipes are you looking for this week?

Meal Plan {{February 17th - February 23rd}}
Monday - (Holiday) - Dinner and a Lego Movie
Tuesday - (Work) - Donairs and Mixed Salad
Wednesday -(Work) - Spaghetti and Meat sauce
Thursday - Buffalo Chicken Burgers
Friday -Homemade Pizza Burgers & Homemade fires
Saturday Left overs Homemade Pizza
Sunday - Hamburger Chop Suey

Meal Plan  {{February 24th - March 2nd}}
Monday - (Dance-Cubs-Bowl) - Cilantro Lime Pesto Chicken with pasta
Tuesday - (Work) - Nachos, Pico & Hungry Girl Guacamole
Wednesday -(Choir) - Sweet and Sour Turkey Meat Loaf
Thursday - (Skating) - Baked up low fat chicken
Friday -Fish and Fries
Saturday Left overs
Sunday - Freezer Meal for the kids - eat out for the parentals (going to the Wayne  Bro)

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