Sunday, February 16, 2014

Meal Plan {{February 17th - February 23rd}}

Well we sure had a busy week last week. With me heading out of town for surgery and well not feeling great but doing much better now. We are a lot of freezer meals which everyone was quite happy with.
The boy punk bowled very well a week ago it was so close by the 3rd game it was 4 points we were ahead. In the end the boys came away with 2nd place down by 50 points. It was a great experience for them for sure.

Meal Plan {{February 3rd - February 9th}}
Monday - (Cubs & Dance & Bowling) -Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
Tuesday - (Work) Taco Tuesday
Wednesday -(Choir) - Anniversary - Supper - Thai food
Thursday - (Skating) - Chicken Caesar Salad
Friday -Fish and Fries
Saturday AWAY
Sunday - AWAY

Meal Plan {{February 17th - February 23rd}}
Monday - (Holiday) - Dinner and a Lego Movie
Tuesday - (Work) - Donairs and Mixed Salad
Wednesday -(Work) - Spaghetti and Meat sauce
Thursday - Buffalo Chicken Burgers
Friday -Homemade Pizza
Saturday Left overs
Sunday - Hamburger Chop Suey

It is Family Week here so I am 99% positive the plan will change but I am also 99% positive the kids will be making most of these meals too.

Have a great week!


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