Sunday, March 23, 2014

Meal Plan {{March 24th - March 30th}}

Well our crazy week is over...the crazy skating program is over till a week in June (maybe!) It was an amazing show and worth all the work put into it.
So proud of my crazy punk! She amazed us so so so much! Can't wait to watch her grow as a figure skater!

 As some of last weeks plan showed we changed a few things and this week we hopefully will stay on plan.
Meal Plan {{March 17th - March 23rd}}
Monday - (Dance-Cubs-Bowl) - Cheese Potato & Sausage Casserole - Sausage and Perogies
Tuesday - Roast Chicken (Cooked @ local Deli) & Side Salads
Wednesday -(Choir & Work) - Cheeseburger Quesadilla
Thursday - (Skating) - Italian Wedding Soup
Friday - (Dress Rehearsal Skating) -Eat Out
Saturday - (Bowling-Skating Show) - Eat Out
Sunday - Roast Beef & Mashed - Oven baked Chicken WIngs w/ baked potatoes and greenhouse salad

Well here is our new weeks plan and hopefully no craziness!
Meal Plan {{March 24th - March 30th}}
Monday - (Dance-Cubs-Bowl) - Bacon Spaghetti with Caesar Salad
Tuesday - (Work) Sloppy Joes
Wednesday -(Choir & Work) - Ginger Beef & Rice (Freezer Meal)
Thursday - Beef Dip & Fried potatoes (Slow Cooker)
Friday - Fish & Fries
Saturday - Oriental Party Pack (M&M Meats)
Sunday - Left Overs!

Our new recipes will be sloppy joes courtesy of Lynn's Kitchen Adventures hopefully it is a hit. Last weeks new recipes were the Cheeseburger Quesadilla's and Italian Wedding Soup both were gobbled up leave no real leftovers! I will have to share the recipes with you all this week!

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