Sunday, March 30, 2014

Meal Plan {{March 31st - April 6th}}

Last week wasn't to crazy except for Thursday I ran all day till my head hit the pillow. Craziness! Today we are back into the cold yucky weather so the punk and I are watching some weird animated movie, she is making bling rings and I am meal planning. I really want to nap tho. Thank heavens that it is leftover its fend for yourself day!

Meal Plan {{March 24th - March 30th}}
Monday - (Dance-Cubs-Bowl) - Bacon Spaghetti with Caesar Salad
Tuesday - (Work) Sloppy Joes
Wednesday -(Choir & Work) - Ginger Beef & Rice (Freezer Meal)
Thursday - Beef Dip & Fried potatoes (Slow Cooker)
Friday - Fish & Fries Ate out @ Montana's
 Saturday - Oriental Party Pack - I also made Sushi -Buffalo Chicken, Crispy Mango and Veggie
 Sunday - Left Overs!

Well this week will be interesting as of last thinking we were done skating the punk was asked to join a junior skating group. She still has a way to go and learn but she absolutely loves it. We are going to try it for the spring session (as it is a year round program) take the summer off and then see about the fall! This means skating twice a week to start then go up to 5 or 6 days a week gah!  Altho I will complain constantly I would do anything for these kids as long as they are happy and having fun it means they stay out of trouble! Oh and throw in soccer assessments this week for our outdoor soccer playing soccer in this area in the spring is very entertaining.....rain, snow, thunder, lightening....blazing hot sun we get it all! Oh well....Well on to the new week will see how we stay on the plan as skating falls over supper so I may be a complete lazy bum!

Meal Plan {{March 31st - April 6th}}
Monday - (Dance-Cubs-Bowl-Soccer) - Macaroni Scramble (Hamburger Helper)
Tuesday - (Soccer-Skate) Gourmet Grilled Cheese
Wednesday -(Choir) - BBQ'd Buffalo Chicken Burgers
Thursday - (Skate) - So Juicy Chicken w/Italian Green Beans
Friday - (Report Card Day) BBQ's Hotdogs
 Saturday - Leftovers or freezer meal
 Sunday -Chicken in Creamy Gravy with Mashed Potatoes & Buckwheat

Wow this sure took me a long time got quite side tracked a few times! Well We baked a cookie man an have 2 loaves of bread rising too! So I guess good distractions!


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