Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BOTP.....Sounds important?

Good day all.....After a long day swimming with the kiddo's then a neighbor kid came over (well just showed up)so the boys played the cube all afternoon and I was downloading and organizing on the big green beast....yep that's what I call my laptop!

Anyway as I was getting everything packaged up for my second official freebie here. Getting the files together it came out to be BOTP....It sounds like something important or contagious not sure which! LOL!

Anyway about a month ago we got the ultimate in hot air popcorn poppers.....and of course I have to scrap it!

This kit is from Mel_h Designs...took me awhile to track it I have had this kit for a LONG time!!!

Well this popper is no longer with us s it almost started on fire....we had smoke and smell....not good! We now have a new red one...maybe will have to scrap about that one too!

Anyway here is your freebie word art.....

Remember to leave me some love so I will keep this up (wink wink feed the ego please)


  1. What a great job n the blog...I love your header. It turned out great. Your signature is awesome and Your Avatar is outstanding. I try to keep up with stopping by to say Hello as much as I can....Thank you for all your hard work.

  2. Geeze Dawn so sorry I just saw these messages! Apparently I am not getting these! Hmmm Off to figure that out! Thanks to you for making me take the plunge.....and great kits to work with!!!