Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Brag Book

I love making brag books but if you life is a nutz as mine is.....here what I have been doing. I joined a Brag Book Challenge HERE. I have done 2 and starting my third this month.
So what what is this challenge all about?

You will get a brag book sized kit that coordinates with Sara's kit, My World. That means each page is only 4x6 and all elements are sized to fit the pages.

You are more than welcome to use the provided brag book kit and/or My World from my store, but you can only use items from these kits to make your brag book page.
*You may contribute one or two pages - please no more than two.

How easy is that???? Super duper. The first challenge I joined I got over 20+ pages and this last one was 17 or something like that!
January's Challenge ~ Kooky Christmas

March's Challenge ~ Owl Adore You

Check it out and take a step and join! This time around is great as you can make a 2 pager for the book......Sweet! Let me know if you join!


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  1. How adorable...I love them both. VERY creative. TFS