Sunday, January 19, 2014

Meal Plan {{January 20th - January 26th}}

Well last week such a S&#^ show that I didn't think it would make it today...Sunday. Of course Sunday didn't disappoint either 3 hours at the walk-in clinic with a kid in an allergic reaction. Poor itchy kid! As you can see we moved things around and some meals made it all the way into the new week.

Meal Plan {{January 13th - January 19th}}
Monday - (Swimming, Cubs & Dance) - Left Over Roast supper
Tuesday - (Swimming) - Fried egg on rice w/soya sauce
Wednesday -(Swimming) - Pasta with Kale, lemon & parmesan w/chicken
Thursday - (Swimming, Skating & Choir) - Taco in bag - Chicken Fries and Tater Tots
Friday - Fish and home fries Costco - Hot Dogs and Fries
Saturday Freezer Meal - Fish and home fries
Sunday - Bacon Spaghetti

Meal Plan {{January 20th - January 26th}}
Monday - (Cubs & Dance) -Taco in Bag/Salad
Tuesday - (Nothing) - Beef & Broccoli w/rice
Wednesday -(Working) - Ham & Scalloped Potatoes
Thursday - (Skating & Choir) - Chicken Burritos & fresh Veg
Friday - Left Overs
Saturday Soup & Sandwiches
Sunday - Roast Chicken & mashed potatoes

Not a bad plan for no motivation and a wicked headache! Off to kick this weeks butt thank heavens its only a 4 day week! Gawd love me some PD days.


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