Sunday, April 13, 2014

Meal Plan {{April 14th - April 20th}}

Well we survived another crazy week and we think we are prepared to party like a 10 yr olds all week! I am really surprised he will make it to 10 as he is pushing our buttons this last week and right now as I type! BOYS! 

Meal Plan {{April 6th - April 13th}}
Monday - (Dance-Cubs-Bowl) - Fantastic Taco Casserole
Tuesday - (Skate) BBQ'd Bugers & Salad
Wednesday -(Choir) - Cowboy Spaghetti
Thursday - (Skate - Work) - Sweet & Sour Meatballs
Friday -  Fish & Fries We ate out at Joeys Only so still fish and fries!
Saturday - Leftovers & Pizza
Sunday - BBQ's Steak, potato & Buckwheat (Poor kid he begs for buckwheat!)

This week will be so busy as Monday is Pilates class, grocery price match shopping, wrapping gifts, ordering doughnuts and baking and icing cupcakes for the boys class on Tuesday! Tuesday I am then having lunch with the boy and having cupcakes with his whole class! Wednesday I hope to have a Pedicure and Thursday is big party day getting all our crap to the hotel to party will be on my shoulders! Wish me luck and I wish my imaginary friend lived closer to be my 3rd and 4th hands on Thursday! 

Meal Plan {{April 14th - April 20th}}
Monday - (Dance - Cubs - Bowl) BBQ'd Burgers & Salad
Tuesday - Eat Out  - The Punk Boys Birthday
Wednesday - (Choir) - Pasta w/ Kale, Lemon & Parmesan w/ Chicken
Thursday - (Work) - Party Day - Eat Out - Swim Party!
Friday -  BBQ'd Chicken and Baked Potatos
Saturday - Hot Dogs
Sunday - Easter Dinner - Turkey (infared cooker), Stuffed Potato Casserole, Chinese Salad

I have some recipes I cannot wait to post from last week that the family loved and on left over day was very good! See you all next week! Hopefully!


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