Monday, April 28, 2014

Meal Plan {{April 14th - May4th}}

Well the past week was great fun hanging out with the kids. Thursday we had my follow up with my urologist. Great guy went in thinking the worst and so what he said wasn't so bad. Well is was kinda bad but it isn't that great of news either.

What was my bad/good news.....well I am not dying! There me trying to use my sense of humor. So what has to change more drinking water/beverages = more trips to bathroom. Doctor wants to see 3 ltr output! Yep apparently that is normal! Weird! Also her is the not great news a diet change....not a simple you can't have bread or dairy. I am on a low oxalate diet....what is oxalate? It is a mineral that my body does not like it and doesn't get rid of it like normal folk. So now I have to cut it back, add calcium and drink, drink, drink!

Now you are all thinking that can't be all bad. Well unfortunately it isn't bad but it is hard no breads (hard core gluten free - have to make my own mixes - wish me luck!) I would say 90-95% of fruits and veg I cannot eat. No Chocolate. No nuts (So act like a nut allergy). So I think I will just eat air! LOL!

Meal Plan {{April 14th - May4th}}
Monday - (Dance - Cubs) Hot Dogs and KD
Tuesday - (Skating - Soccer) Eat Out 
Wednesday - (Choir) - BBQ'd Buffalo Burgers
Thursday - (Skating - Soccer) - Taco Salad/in a bag
Friday -  (Legging Party) Bang Bang Shrimp & Fish
Saturday - Ribs & Salad (Maybe Potatos for the kiddos)
Sunday - Cilantro Lime Chicken w/rice & riced Cauliflower

So any gluten free recipes that are a fav please share or send me a link! I am ever greatful!

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