Sunday, May 25, 2014

Meal Plan {{May 26th - June 1st}}

Well after the last week of dance and allergies and a head cold its been a long week. The upcoming week isn't crazy but it is a very special week. My punk girl cuts her hair of for the Alberta Childrens Hospital! The week concludes with a visit to the Hospital and Zoo.
So nothing really exciting but it is exciting for us!

Meal Plan {{May 19th - May 25th}}
Monday - (Holiday) BBQ's Chicken Burgers & pasta
Tuesday - (Skating - Soccer) - Quesadilla & Cucumbers in Vinegar
Wednesday - (Dress rehersal) -Smokies & Pasta
Thursday - (Skating - Soccer) - Crustless Quiche Left over smokies
Friday - Chicken Wings Eat out
Saturday -(Dance Recital) -Freezer Meal Pizza
Sunday - Turkey Chicken Wings

Meal Plan {{May 26th - June 1st}}
Monday - BBQ'd Chicken
Tuesday - (Skating - Soccer) - Left overs
Wednesday - (haircut) - Freezer Meal
Thursday - (Skating) - Take out - Driving
Friday - AWAY
Saturday - AWAY
Sunday - AWAY

See you next week y'all!

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