Sunday, May 4, 2014

Meal Plan {{May 5th - May 11th}}

Well we are full blown into the single parent life and it SUCKS! Oh well. We survived the Kidney walk and our little community raised over $28,000. Woohoo! Well with the crazy week ahead we aill eat out more than normal...thank heavens for Salads! See you next week!

Meal Plan {{April 14th - May4th}}
Monday - (Dance - Cubs) Hot Dogs and KD
Tuesday - (Skating - Soccer) Eat Out 
Wednesday - (Choir) - BBQ'd Buffalo Burgers
Thursday - (Skating - Soccer) - Taco Salad/in a bag Eat out
Friday -  (Legging Party) Bang Bang Shrimp & Fish Pizza (mine was gluten free)
Saturday - Ribs & Salad (Maybe Potatos for the kiddos)
Sunday - Cilantro Lime Chicken w/rice & riced Cauliflower

Meal Plan {{May 5th - May 11th}}
Monday - (Dance - Cubs) Left over Cilantro Chicken & Shrimp
Tuesday - (Skating - Soccer) - Chicken Taco Pie (Gluten Free)
Wednesday - (Choir) - Crustless Quiche
Thursday - (Skating - Soccer) - Mystery supper - Left Overs or eat out
Friday -  (Camp) Eat Out - Subway
Saturday -(Bowl - Choir) - Eat out
Sunday - Pizza (found Frozen gluten free!)


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