Sunday, January 29, 2012

Menu Plan {January 29th - February 4th}

Well this week was a week that could have ended on Wednesday...Seriously. Yep! Bleck! So our meal plan was pretty much trashed. The boy punk had 2 parties to go to both over supper and both pointless to come home cook and then turn around to go get him.

Monday - Roast Beef (my recipe) in the Slow Cooker and Mashed potatoes Tuesday - Salsa Chicken or Crock Pot Stuffed Chicken or maybe a blend of both! LOL! [both are new recipes] Chicken Strips from our local deli around the corner with veggies.
Wednesday - Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup (as per the punks request!) Taco Time I had a salad that I shared with Girl punk! (Remember this was our yes this week could be over day!)
Thursday - Thai Chicken and Pineapple [new recipe] Meh!  Not gonna make it again.
Friday - Fishhhhhhhh and fries We had Subway
Saturday - Pizza Casserole [new recipe] Wok Box Took Girl Punk and she fell in love and in a kids meal there is enough for 2 meals for her!
Sunday - Salisbury Steaks with noodles [new recipe] - Yummmmmmy I made these with baked potatoes from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures the only thing is I used grapeseed oil and omitted the cheese. Worked like a charm.

Monday - Pizza Casserole [new recipe]
Tuesday - Chicken Helper Mix dressed up my way!  LOL!
Wednesday - Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup (lets try this one again!)
Thursday -Oven Baked Stuffed Chicken
Friday - Date Night  - Kids get to choose SUPPER!
Saturday -Cheeseburger Pizza

Sunday - Burgers

Please rememeber that we always have a heeeeeeaaaaappppping portion of some sort of Veg too.  Lately it has been raw veg pretty much every meal.  Tonight tho I made a baby romaine lettuce salad topped with some Costco Greek Salad  [I like my Greek salad non-traditional I am partial to lettuce in my salads!] Each salad had less than a tsp of dressing on it too with no complaints!  This was a rushed meal plan as I was gonna leave it for tomorrow night but this will  do for the week.  I need to get some things cleaned out of my pantry/fridge/freezer this week (and maybe next too!)

So sad no one posted last week for a recipe hmmmffffppppp maybe this week???


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