Sunday, January 22, 2012

Menu Plan {January 23th - 29th}

Well we made it thru another week. With little to no stress (minus the punks health issues! One day they will get a break right???)

So here is the recap....
Monday - Ginger Lime Chicken [Dinner Survival - Sandi Richard]...Yummy no complaints everyone enjoyed it!
Tuesday - Ginger Beef w/ Egg Noodles [Dinner Fix - Sandi Richard)...All but the girl inhaled it.  She thought it was good but not to die for!
Wednesday - Crockpot Spaghetti w/ Spaghetti Squash....basic meal the kids loved the sauce  (Although the crock pot burnt it slightly!)  
Thursday - Slow Cooker Roast & Potatoes  Left overs....Kids had a piece or bread with left over egg noodles topped with meat sauce. Both inhaled it!
Friday - Burger & Fries....We had Wendy's as it was a soccer night and I was in pain my shoulder is buggered again.
Saturday - Thai Chicken Wraps (Mine will be wrapped in lettuce) [Dinner Survival - Sandi Richard].....Yummmmmy and a keeper!!!
Sunday - Oven soft tacos.....only had 1 left I think they enjoyed them!  I have left over chicken from  the thai  wraps taco-ized over some spaghetti squash with pico de gallo (sp?) yumm yumm yumm yummy!

So this week we are keeping it simple as I am still in pain (yes I will be calling about a massage first thing tomorrow am) and well that is the only reason I can think of LOL!

Monday -  Roast Beef (my recipe) in the Slow Cooker and Mashed potatoes
Tuesday - Salsa Chicken or Crock Pot Stuffed Chicken or maybe a blend of both! LOL! [both are new recipes]
Wednesday - Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup (as per the punks request!)
Thursday - Thai Chicken and Pineapple [new recipe]
Friday - Fishhhhhhhh and fries
Saturday - Pizza Casserole [new recipe]
Sunday - Salisbury Steaks with noodles [new recipe]

So what recipe to share this week?  Our Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oat recipe or our Roast beef recipe???  Maybe even our Meat Sauce recipe???  Oh I know which you would all like my grilled cheese recipe....hahahahah I kill me with my wit! Your call....leave your requests in the comments and the one with the most requests wins.  I will take comments up till 2pm MST on Thursday.


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